Visit Lysøen this summer!

Where does the boat depart from?  What are the hiking conditions on the island? Can I barbeque at Lysøen? Here you will (hopefully) find everything you need to know about your visit to Lysøen.

We welcome you to Ole Bull's fairytale island, Lysøen!

The museum is closed for renovation, but you can visit the island, for free!

Free boat shuttle from Buena quay to Lysøen: Tuesday-Sunday from 11.00-16.30 (19 May–15 September)

What to know about Lysøen

The museum consists of the villa that was once the home of violinist Ole Bull, and the island itself with its trails and paths paved with crushed seashells, wooded areas and a landscaped park. You will also find an old farmstead from the 17th century and a little café here. 

The villa at Lysøen will be undergoing extensive renovation in the next few years. The villa will therefore be closed to visitors during the 2021 summer season.

In exchange we are organising outdoor events at Lysøen this summer. As a bonus, transportation on the museum’s new electric shuttle boat Ole Bull will be free for everyone. It will run between Buena Pier and Lysøen Tuesday–Sunday, from 19th May to 15th September.

Check the boat schedule here

Fantastic Nature

Lysøen, with its fantastic nature, is a great place to go for a hike. There are several maps, among them outside the café, which allow you to easily find a trail that is suited for you.

There are 13 kilometres of trails; follow the signposts that are strategically placed around the island. Along the way, there are benches and rest areas where you can have a pleasant picnic. One of the highlights is the observation tower, which is situated on the island’s highest point, 76 MSL.

Food and beverage

There are no sale of food at the island, so remember to bring along food and water. There is a super marked on Buena pier. There is a total ban on bonfires at Lysøen. Grilling (and smoking) is strictly forbidden. Bring a picnic basket instead. Help us to protect Lysøen! 

Is the weather fine?

You can take a swim at Lysøen! The best swimming spot is at Apalviken. Another spot suited for swimming is near Gamletunet, in Lysevågen, and the old swimming cove by the ingress to Lysevågen. Follow the signs from the villa.

How to I get to Lysøen?

Lysøen is situated in Lysekloster in the municipality of OS, and to get there you have to take a boat from Buena kai (dock), which is accessible by automobile or public bus (check for buss schedule). There is free parking at the dock.

From Buena kai a shuttle boat will take you to Lysøen. The duration of the crossing is approximately six minutes. This year the boat ride is free for everyone! The boat makes extra trips when the need arises.

To arrive on the island outside the summer season or opening hours, you will have to take a private boat.

Private boat? If you arrive by private boat to Lysøen, there are guest docks on the island.

Toilets? It will be possible to use the existing toilet in the villa, with access from outdoors on the ground floor. There is also a toilet on the shuttle boat. 

Have you brought your dog along? Lysøen is a perfect place to go for a walk with your dog. Remember to pick up the droppings. Dogs are not allowed in the villa – aside from guide dogs, of course.

N.B.! Watch out for snakes and take the necessary precautions when walking around the island on your own.