Grieg Competition: Super Saturday at Lysøen

Events on Saturday 18 October will include boat trip, concert and norwegian lunch at Lysøen.

 The following Sunday Edvard Grieg International Piano Competition will start at Troldhaugen. On the competition's final day, 18 October, all the participants on the competition are invited to a social gathering at Lysøen. It will be a combination of boat trip, concert and lunch. And you can also take part in this gathering! 

Tickets for the event cost 300 NOK and can be booked at The event is also included in the Audience Package.

10.00- 11.00         Boat trip from "Dreggekaien" Quay at Bryggen (city centre) to Ole Bull's home "Lysøen". 
11.30-13.00 "The Roots of Edvard Grieg: Ole Bull and Norwegian Folk Music" concert by Nils Økland, Hardanger fiddle, and Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, piano. Introduction by Mari Lyssand.
13.00-14.00 Lunch: Traditional Norwegian food.
14.00-15.00 Boat trip back to Bergen city centre.


* Adgang alle Kode museer i 2 dager. Voksne 100,- / Studenter 50,- / Barn under 16 0,-