Ole Bull

Ole Bornemann Bull was a world-renown virtuoso violinist and composer. 

Ole Bornemann Bull was born the 5th of February, 1810, at ´Svaneapoteket´in Strandgaten and died on the 17th of August, 1880, at his home, Lysøen. A world-renown virtuoso violinist and composer, his impassioned dedication to his country’s folk music played a key role in the development of Norwegian culture following Norway’s separation from Denmark. In the course of his lengthy career, Ole Bull travelled and performed throughout the world. He was a musician, networker, promoter, inspiration and Norway’s first superstar. On the occasion of Ole Bull’s funeral, esteemed Norwegian writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson bestowed upon him the title “the people’s finest and proudest moment “.

About Ole Bull
Parents: Johan Storm Bull and Anna Dorothea Geelmuyden

Family: Married to Alexandrine Félicite Villeminot in 1836. Together they had six children:
- Ole Storm Felix Bull (1837-1839)
- Alexander Bull (1839-1914)
- Thorvald Bull (1841-1862)
- Eleonore (Felicie) Bull (1843-1923)
- Ernst Bornemann Bull (1844-1844)
- Lucie Edvardine Bull (1846-1869)
Married to Sara Chapman Thorp, from the U.S. in 1870. Together they had one daughter:
- (Sara) Olea Bull (1871- 1911)

Famous compositions:
- Visit to a summer farm (The Herd girls Sunday)
- In lonely moments (La Melancoli)
- Polacca Guerriera