Opening hours / tickets

We welcome you to Ole Bull's fairytale island, Lysøen!

The museum is closed for renovation, but you can visit the island, for free!

Boat Shuttle (18 May – 15 September)

Tuesday – Sunday (Monday closed): The boat leaves from Buena Quay at Lysekloster, every hour on the hour from 11:00, with last return from Lysøen island at 16:30.

Buy tickets for the boat here

Enjoy outdoor experiences

The island is a perfect place for a day tour. The island has a beautiful forest, great viewpoints, pleasant picnic areas and 13 km with scenic trails all across the island. 

Maps over the island’s trails can be downloaded here.

Important: It is strictly forbidden to make a fire at Lysøen (including sigarettes and barbeques). Help us keep Lysøen safe!

Guest docks

If you happen to have your own boat transportation, you are welcome to visit the island on your own. Lysøen has several guest docks for private transport with recreational boat, read more about guest docks at this page

Winter season

Lysøen is closed during the winter season. Booking for groups outside season is possible, please contact Tel (+47)  53 00 97 00 or e-mail