Private tours / concerts

Please note: The villa at Lysøen is closed for guided tours 2021, due to the museum refurbishment.

Many of those who visit Lysøen also want to see Ole Bull’s villa from the inside.

A guided tour of the villa gives you the opportunity to see Ole Bull’s fairytale castle up close. Skilled guides will tell you the story of Bull’s life, give you detailed information about the villa and entertain you with lively anecdotes that give you a feel for Ole Bull’s personality.

During the tour, you will see the following rooms: the music hall, the ancestors’ gallery, Ole Bull’s bedroom, and also the dining room and living room below ground.

We offer regular guided tours, or tours in combination with musical intermezzos or food serving.

For inquiries or bookings, please write an e-mail to or call us at +47  53 00 97 00