Security / Accessibility

Please read our safety guidelines before you visit. Welcome to the island of Lysøen.

Fire prohibited
At Lysøen, all use of fire is strictly forbidden. Barbecuing and smoking are not allowed under any circumstances. Please help us preserve Lysøen!

Feel free to take photos for private use at Lysøen. Inside Ole Bull’s villa, photos may only be taken without flash – and never during concerts.

Exterior or interior photos with motives from Lysøen for use in a commercial context, only with a prior agreement.

Public toilets can be found at the Buena Quay on the mainland, and at the ground level of Ole Bull’s villa (access from outside).

There are unfortunately no Accessible toilets on the island. There are public and Accessible toilets on the Shuttle boat.

Keep your distance
Inside the villa, it is forbidden to touch objects, textiles and paintings.

Animals are very welcome to the island of Lysøen. Animals are not permitted in Ole Bull's villa. Guide dogs are accepted.

There could be poisonous vipers on the island. We recommend you to take the necessary precautions. Should you be bitten, call for help and try not to move.

Swimming and bathing
There are beautiful bathing places both at Gamletunet and in the bay of Lysevågen.

Lysøen has a lot of scenic trails, most of them covered in crushed seashells. Maps over the island’s trails can be bought in the café or museum, or you can download them here.

On Lysøen, there are smooth and slippery rocks by the shore, steep cliffs, and plenty of tree roots criss-crossing the trails. Be careful when you make your way round the island.

Arriving by recreational boat
Read more about our guest docks here.

For you own safety, we recommend that you use a life vest when coming to Lysøen by boat. Children should keep the vest on also when playing by the dock or on the beach.

Both levels of Ole Bull’s villa can be reached from the ground level, and there are gravel paths from the harbour to the villa. 

Our shuttle boat is a handicap accessible boat with accessible toilets. There are unfortunately no accessible toilets on the island to this date.